Investing for your future

Building a profitable and stable fund portfolio

We have left Markowitz’s Modern Portfolio Theory behind, it is no longer modern.

Each portfolio is unique because we:

  • Identify our clients‘ investment aims and ambitions
  • Use disciplined analyses and comparisons when filtering for suitable investment funds
  • Interview fund managers and use our experience when selecting funds
  • Construct a unique and disciplined fund portfolio, free from fashion and trend

The complex filtering of nearly 31,000 mutual funds registered for placement in Germany results in defined peer groups in which we only consider the top 10-15% as being suitable for further analysis.

A combination of asset strategies is used to reduce correlation and thereby intrinsic volatility within the portfolios.

We are independent of any banks or outside companies and we offer transparency in all our fee structures.

Most clients make use of our service fee structures whereby all changes within a portfolio are made without cost to the clients.

All clients benefit from our attention to detail and from the knowledge and experience gained from over 35 years of experience in the financial markets.