Health and Personal Risk Insurance

We are totally independent and arrange German public health insurance as well as German and international private plans for both individuals and companies.

Choosing your health insurance is one of the most important decisions you have to make.

We believe that private health insurance is not a commodity where the decision can be based purely on price.

The benefits are found in the written terms and conditions of the insurance tariff and are the only basis for claims being met. It is therefore of utmost importance to understand what is being agreed to, what is essential to you and to define your own priorities.

In order to do this we use a detailed questionaire and sophisticated software to guide you to the most suitable and not simply to the cheapest tariffs. It is interesting to note that many insurance tariffs which offer less than agerage benefits cost more than those tariffs which do meet your needs and offer much higher quality terms and conditions.

Income replacement insurance is also vital for those with active income and we provide the very best in advice and coverage to fit your individual needs.

We will analyze and compare the options and recommend the most suitable combination of policies for term life, accident, long term nursing care, pension and retirement planning.

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